My question involves paternity law for the State of: Texas
I am an unmarried father trying to prove paternity of my daughter with an ex girlfriend. The child is already 5 now. But I had an arrangement with her mother that we would solve it ourselves and avoid litigation. We have known each other for 18 years. My Ex only told me about my child when she was 3 and asked me to work it out with her instead of going to court.

My Ex dragged it out with excuses for 2 and a half years. Now daughter is 5.
She has now gone back on her word and is claiming the presumed father is her real father.

I have a private dna test and know I am her biological father, but I cannot prove it in court because of the 4 year statute of limitations.

However, my attorney is arguing that my Ex committed fraud against me and that should dismiss the 4 year law. The judge told us to show him a precedent case where this was established and he will hear our case.
How do I find a case where that occurred? Does anyone know of a case in Texas?