My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: My Daughter and Son in law are in the Navy; they are stationed in California, but their state of residence in Texas. They both use my address as their residence. Recently my son bought a new truck and had it titled in California. During a visit with me, he went down to have it transferred to be titled in Texas. My daughter filled out the paperwork. At the point where she noted the mileage. She thought “not actual mileage” was because she didn’t know the number to the exact mile. So she checked “not actual mileage”. Thing is, it’s a new car. They only transferred it to Texas from California. Now, apparently, his title is all jacked up and Texas won’t let him send in a correction to this, by providing the exact mileage. How in the heck do you get this fixed? Texas requires the original California title (with the bank) and a statement from the California DMV (they’re like ... we don’t do that). So how does he get his wife’s error fixed? It’s even voided his warranty. What a mess?