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    Can't help wondering how bad the abuse really is, if there's only one solution you're willing to take. We used to have a moderator here on this board who had really been abused, as in, landed in the hospital for weeks type abuse. She used to get plenty mad at kids who claimed abuse, but weren't willing to take any steps necessary to get out. Foster home, group home, other relatives; if ANYTHING wouldn't be better than the situation you're in, she figured, then there's something wrong with the abuse claim.

    Now, you've got two ways out of the house. One is with your parents' permission; the other is if the state removes you. There is no situation under which custody or guardianship is going to be given to someone else by a court over your mother's objections unless the state agrees that you need to be removed. If Mom says you can move in with your friend's family, then fine, you can move in with your friend's family. But if she says you can't move out, then you can't move out unless the state says so. And that means involving CPS.

    So I can't help but wonder what you think is going to happen to you in foster care or a group home that's worse than "shes constantly hitting, kicking, slapping, punching me etc every day. not only that but emotional abuse as well she constantly tells me how worthless i am how much she hates me and wants me dead on an everyday basis". Sounds to me like foster or group care would be paradise in comparison. If it doesn't to you, then even allowing for a bit of "the devil you know" it sounds more to me that you want to live with your friend than that the abuse is really all that bad.

    I agree. When I was working I saw a number of kids, usually teenagers, that thought they were being abused. They turned being told they could not do what they wanted to do into abuse. When the police or CPS became involved. it was discovered there was no actual abuse. Foster homes and group homes are not perfect. But when a child is truly being abused They are a answer to prayers.

    If the friends parents knew the whole story and their is actual abuse in the home. The friends parents should call CPS. There is much more involved with a child living with "friends" than children realize.

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    Default Re: Can I Live with a Friends Family


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