My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Wisconsin

Hello, I'm a warehouse worker I'll try and explain myself as best as possible without given out potential info or head wind to my prior employer, my job is an extremely physical job, it's heavy weight and it is awkward weight, a month prior to being let go I was experiencing "back pain" more then usual and had a "new symptom" pain shooting down my "left arm" had me nervous I might have a "serious back problem" potential "disc problems" or "myofascial pain syndrome" from Google searches i had done and my dad having had bad back problems in his life, I went to my manager told him the pain I was experiencing and if it was possible to see a doctor for it, he told me "no" and recommended seeing the free clinic the work has a few blocks down the road, the free clinic said they can't diagnose or say what was causing my back pain, or give out specific restrictions, she just said you know what you can lift, seemed strange, I did get a no heavy lifting note, gave the note to my boss who did not seem to thrilled, upon handing the note he said "what you got a sore back" then later after he read it he put his hands on his hips tilted his head "what's considered heavy lifting," I found what "he said" and the way "he said it" both times to be so disrespectful and lacked any compassion, I didn't say anything, I've been stuck 20 minutes are so trying to explain why "I didn't say anything" to my boss I guess you really have to know him well and his prior behavior, he's had issues before with workers, I've witnessed him curse and berate women got so close and leaned over them to where she had to say back the ____ away. this was brought up to the "manager" and he said I can assure you going forward you can expect an immediate change referring to communicating professionally and boundaries, I didn't feel I was being treated that way, I was given lighter work for 3 days mostly "full skid" quantities it seemed alright, I believe it was the following week I had "full" skid quantities but I also had alot of heavy stuff I needed to stack on top I'd say there was 150-200 ish items in the 25-50 pound range I placed on top, I skipped over the items I figured to be over 50 pound plus items, I went to my boss and said I was done with what I felt I could get done, he said your not done, He pulled up my batch on the computer showing the items which where still there and said "are you seriously telling me you can't lift any of these" I didn't say anything like before, He shook his head and wrote down another batch on and sticky note and slammed it on the table, I wasn't able to speak to my manager about this till the following week considering I work the "weekend shift" and am only able to see him on "fridays", I told my manager about this, he seemed to agree it was unprofessional, he also said "you've worked here a long time and I respect you that's why I'm willing to work with you as best I can", he also said "like if I had a new temp that had the same restrictions as you had I'd either say we need you to lift this or where going to replace you, obviously you been here a long time your full time I'm not looking to do that, end quote, I felt like him saying that was wrong and a warning, aren't temps suppose to get the same treatment, accommodate with light duty if possible? I also tried again to get looked at by a doctor again, I believe I have a "repetitive stress injury", on average for 7 years it's "trackable with scans"showing most everything I ever lifted at work, I'd say over 15k a day on average items from 20 to 120 pounds, anyways my "manager" said he wasn't a doctor and had no way of knowing for sure, But a few days later I noticed on the "sheet of paper" that has all the "employees" on it and the badge numbers and on it, on mine it showed my name and badge like usual it also showed "sore back non-work related, I know he said he had no way of knowing, but i took great offense when I saw that. I was later let go for other reasons I believe was just an excuse to get rid of me I felt like he knew I wasn't going to let up on trying to get looked at, thanks for your time reading appreciate any advice going forward, it's been ahwhile sense i was let go almost 3 months, I tried calling a few lawyers so far the past week none seem to want my case.