My question involves criminal law for the state of: My name is Isaac Popoca #242515 I am incarcerated in Arizona prison EYMAN COMPLEX
BROWNING UNIT… FLORENCE AZ 85132… I went to trial in 3 matters however the third
trial already went through is appeals and rule 32… on 8/27/20 my petition for post con. relief
got denied summarily in a 14 page order I have 10 cases 8 under Cr2006-007252-002dt (1st
trial) and Cr2008-006137-001dt (2nd trial) my cases were pending in r32 since 2012 my files
had been destroyed by an appointed counsel out of ohio in his basement… My family saved
up while I was trying to keep my cases alive for 5 years! My family hired Guy Brown whom
shortly suffered and stroke and shortly passed away… my family wasn't able to get their
money back!!! Now I am asking my family to post this msge! I really don't know where to turn
for advice!!!! The attorney who ultimately got my files reconstructed was Richard D Gierloff
who got ill and withdrew from my cases.. my files got reconstructed between 2017-2019
however mid 2019 the court ordered that I file a petition with whatever I had!!! I WAS
KELLER… Whom admitted to having a compulsive gambbling disorder and meth addiction
and committing misconduct during my trials… in his police interview!.. I had 3rd which is not
part of this rule 32 CR2008-006829-001DT… on 8/27/20 HON STEPHEN M. HOPKINS
issued his ruling on certain claims on facts and record of Cr2008-006829-001dt… since this
judge got my cases 7/24/20 and got familiarized with my cases he denied all of my motions
including one to have my legal advisor (segal) to contact me and amend my petition since
legal advisor has all hard files… On 2/4/20 DOC searched my cell took away various
documents from my cases and I hardly been granted access to my files… i filed a grievance
the warden in his response admitted that I was in possession of 20 legal boxes… an order
was issued for DOC to account for those files… after 60 days DOC through attny gnrals
office filed that no cell search had occurred… I already filed my petition for review with the
court of appeals so i would not lose my 30 days deadline… my first motion for ext. of time to
file mi motion for rehearing was also denied... I recently filed a 25 pge motion under r32.14
and r1.6(c)(iii)R.Crim.Proc I also filed on 9/28/20 a notice to change judge and motion to
reinstate my rule32… I really don't know how to proceed or what to do in this conjecture!!! I
turn to all of you for any advice I also know that many of you have heard it all and as well far
fetched dumb stories of those who think they are smarter that their own attorneys… THIS IS
NOT THE CASE!!! the rules of professional conduct require Az Bar Members to perform 50
hour pro bono service… I am in Max custody. I can't do anything from here!!! I am requesting
any advice that could help me let me know how many hours you've spent reading this letter
reviewing my cases and providing any advice… I WILL WRITE A NOTARIZED
LETTER/DECLARATION fulfilling those hours… One of the good things you learn in prison
GENERAL POPULATION… is to honor your word and not to lie!!! Please to anybody that is
willing to advise me what to do!!! Thank you all of you for reading my issue! Blessed be
the… sincerely ISAAC POPOCA #242515