My question involves criminal law for the state of: Nebraska

A local grocery store filed burglary charges against some creep who staked out their parking lot and Sunday stole my nice mountain bike off the bike rack (according to the store owner himself). We (myself, the store owner, and a couple of his employees) had a full afternoon razzing and chasing the little rabbit around the neighborhood by the time we documented enough harmful public behavior for the Owner to have police recover him in the nearby neighborhood. and file robbery charges. It's really just a dimple in the neighborhood theft ring. The cops charged ME for the cheap bicycle he abandoned and was given to me by the Owner. That makes the store's case look messed up outright; the crooked cops are not going to show up, nor am I, and likely not the store Owner, either--that crook is as good Johnny Walker already!

Nevertheless, I have a court date 15 December, and I am assembling a timeline in an angry letter to send to the judge, and an harassment claim.
Can the state attack people on a store property, against the wishes of the store manager? I thought that was a Federal Civil False Claim! Anyway, I am citing SCOTUS Calif VS Greenwood 1988. I'd love to sue for Human Rights (cops knew they were preventing me from ever getting groceries until I starve) but all the sheisters I talked to on Monday are gay nazis and I don't have any $number$ value for them anyway.. Can I get help on any of this?