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    Default Violation of an Uncompleted Court Ordered Requirement

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Virginia
    There were some issues with one requirement of my probation of misdemeanor assault and battery. The behavioral health analysis. I started it late and failed to provide documentation and my PO wrote me up, after two years. I began June of this year before the violation was put out. There were moments along the road that lead to this taking so long, but I am now in compliance with the therapy and sent documents to the po. Is there anyway I would sentenced if it took this long? And honestly I have a daughter with whom I'm concerned they can get involved with. In this hearing is it possible for a judge to take legal action on her behalf even if the charges weren't about her? If he believes I wasn't compliant? I'm up all night constantly worried. Thanks...

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    Default Re: Violation of an Uncompleted Court Ordered Requirement

    Any time you violate any term of probation there is the possibility that the probation may be revoked or modified. It may be that the judge will simply extend the time for you to complete the analysis. But without knowing the sentence imposed, the exact terms of the sentence, and the attitude of the judge that will hear the matter, there is no way to guess what the likely outcome will be. Your best source of information on that will be a criminal defense lawyer in the county/region where the court is located.

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