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    Default Bad Neighbors

    My neighbors are renting the home
    Next door to me. There seems to be about 10 people living on top of each other in a 2/3 bedroom home including two toddlers. There are cars coming and going every hour on the hour. Cars Belonging to them are parked In front of my house and all over the street...sometimes abandoned for more than two weeks at a time. The police are not doing anything despite them being called to the home multiple times the last few months. The neighbors are loud, disruptive and Extremely messy. The often toss their fast food garbage out of their car windows onto the street in front of my home. Aside from them, The neighborhood is good. Is there anything I can do to put pressure on the landlord? While I am Clearly annoyed with them I am
    Genuinely concerned for the two small
    Children living there.

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    Default Re: Bad Neighbors

    Start by looking up your city and county codes and ordinances. If there are any violations, report them, in writing, with photos.

    If there is a health issue report it to your city's health department.

    If you believe that the children are in danger, report it to Child Protective Services.

    Google "private nuisance lawsuit." Once you know what it is you can decide if you want to hire a lawyer and litigate.

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    Default Re: Bad Neighbors

    Also talk to city Code Enforcement (building inspectors). There may be a city code that limits how many people can live in a house as determined by how many bedrooms there are.

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