My question involves criminal law for the state of: California


I was arrested for DUI and then my case was dismissed in the court. The court disposition mentions below details. Can someone proficient with law tell me in simple terms what does the below points mean? (In Bold). Also, my lawyer told, I was not charged and my case was dismissed in the court of law. Does the below disposition say that I am not guilty and case dismissied?

Case Filed on date ******
Complaint Filed, Declared or Sworn to charging defendant with having committed, on or about $DATE in the county of Los Angeles, the following offense(s) of: Count 01: 22348(B) VC INF

Next Scheduled Event:
Arraignment - East Los Angeles Courthouse

On ****** Case called for arraignment
Parties: Judge, Clerk, DA, Rep(defendant not present but represented by private counsel, appearing by counsel pursuant to penal code section 977 ET SEQ)
A copy of the complaint and the arrest report given to defendants counsel

Defendant waives arraignment, reading of complaint, and statement of constitutional and statutory rights
Defendant advised of and personally and explicitly waives the following rights:
-Trial by court
-Court accepts plea
-Waives time for sentence

Next Scheduled Event:
as to Count 01: Defendant having been duly arraigned for judgment and there being no legal cause why judgment should not be pronounced against him, the court orders the following judgment:

- Pay a fine of $$$ plus a state penalty fund assessment $$$, criminal fine surcharge $$$, court security assessment, criminal conviction assessment, emergency medical air transportation act fund, traffic school fee, citation processing fee
- Defendant to pay fine to court clerk
- Defendant shall enroll in an authorized traffic school program
- Defendant to be given 2 months to complete

Count 01: DISPOSITION: Traffic School Referral
DMV Abstract not required

Case called for proof
Count 01: Is Dismissed: Traffic School Dismissal

Next Scheduled Event: