Provided the judgment debtor was afforded due process of law a Nevada money judgment favoring the plaintiff would be entitled to full faith and credit in every state and susceptible of registration and enforcement under Florida's version of the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act (UEFJA).

HOWEVER, not so with respect to the Nevada order/citation of contempt.

A civil protective order (temporary or permanent) is accorded full faith and credit (this by specific federal and state statutes).

But to my knowledge there are no similar laws empowering a state court to enforce a sister state's citation of contempt. Which seems sensible given that such a citation presupposes an undue indignity inflicted upon the issuing court. Not necessarily an injustice to a party to the action, but an offence committed against the court..

Anyway, my advice is to have your elderly friend consult with a knowledgeable Florida lawyer. The purpose being (1) with regard to domesticating and enforcing the Nevada money judgment; (2) maybe employing Florida's Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (UVTA)to unravel any improper transfers of non exempt of assets; (3) to learn whether or not a court sitting in Florida can assume jurisdiction over the same individual and subject matter and perhaps issue its own original orders in re contempt.

Item last might be beyond a Florida court's subject matter jurisdiction, but then the guy's objectionable conduct might be an on going and transitory thing. Plus, we aren't privy to any of the details that instigated the Nevada contempt citation.

In any event the money judgment, not the contempt citation, would be at the heart of moving under the UVTA.