My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: New York
According to the local GM dealership I couldn't return my leased vehicle to them by 4/16/20 when the lease was due back. After talking to the local dealership on 4/09/20 I called a GM financial representative and they told me no where in NY was taking back vehicles due to covid 19 and to leave it in a sheltered area until the dealership would take the vehicle back. I was able to return the vehicle 06/10/20. Recently Gm sent me a bill of almost $900 and when I called them about it they told me there is no call record from 4/9/20 and I would be responsible for the bill because I never reached out to them. My call record shows me calling the local dealership, this is when they told me they wont be taking cars back at this point. I called GM financial directly after talking to the local dealership on 4/9/20 at 10:23 am for 25 minutes. Because they don't have a record of me calling on 4/9/20 I'm still responsible for 2 months of payments because I supposedly didn't reach out to them. I definitely talked to them and have the call record to prove it.
What can I do?