My question involves criminal law for the state of: Wisconsin

I am a coyote hunter, and I hunt at night using thermal optics. However, one night I made a mistake and mistook three deer for what I believed were coyotes. I left the animals and did not report the incident.

Recently the department of natural resources served a search warrant on my property. They suspected I was pouching deer.. I confessed what I did to the DNR officers, they then told me they had a warrant.

The warrant listed my home and vehicles to be searched for animal carcasses, and other hunting related evidence.

They didnít find anything during the search. I found it odd that they searched the entire house as if they had a warrant to search for drugs. They went through every dresser and in personal spaces. They covered up our in house surveillance cameras with our childrenís clothes as they entered each room, and seized a bunch of weird items. I donít understand how these items are related to the search warrant.

They took my entire DVR system rendering my home security system useless, itís been months now without this security system functioning. I have young children and very expensive work equipment in my driveway.
The camera system monitored these areas and the exterior of my property and also gave me peace of mind when my kids are outside playing.

They also seized a laptop computer, a gun and gun parts.

The guns I can understand because they are hunting related.

They asked for keys to search a fire box under the bed.

But for the life of me, I donít understand why they covered our Interior nest cameras with or young childrenís clothing as they conducted their search inside the bedrooms. What authority the warrant gives them to go through dressers, a deer carcass could never fit in one, nor a small fire box. And what authority they have to remove my security system from the house along with a laptop.

The warrant did not list any sort of digital evidence.