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    Default Peace Officer Bill of Rights (Pobra)- Legal Malpractice--

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: CA

    I was a sworn peace officer & had a work investigation, as such I was afforded certain rights the average person is not. There were multiple due process violations in my case. My union assigned attorney actually stated, the "judges don't care about due process issues" At arbitration, this attorney DID NOT get into these issues. I was horrified! In POBOR, due process issues negate allegations. So much incompetence; I could write 15 pgs. I filed a Mandamus Writ, which may be dismissed BUT these attorneys have been aghast & agree there was malpractice & possibly intentional negligence. They are supportive of me suing for malpractice. The problem is that malpractice attorneys know nothing of POBOR & are unnecessarily intimidated, thinking it's more than it is. So, i prefer one who has experience in both, but it isn't happening! I have found only ONE attorney (in Sacramento) who has both POBRA & legal malpractice experience, but he won't take the case. I've been thru every atty on the state bar site w/ specialization in malpractice. Aside from being intimidated by lack of POBOR knowledge, they don't believe how ANY DUE PROCESS matter negates allegations as they are skeptical. They can't fathom how they could have changed my outcome. Does anyone know of any attorneys who would take this type of case??? HELP!!!

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    Default Re: Peace Officer Bill of Rights (Pobra)- Legal Malpractice--

    Duplicate post. Reported for deletion. See:

    Please keep all of your discussion in the other thread.

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