My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Virginia

I was on my way to the bus station earlier today when I was struck in a crosswalk by a senile old man.

I stopped at the crosswalk, pressed the button to cross and waited. When the sign turned to the walk image I started making my way across. At this time the older man began pulling out to make a left hand turn.

As I continued walking he continued pulling out and turned. I thought he was going to creep across and wait for me to pass but no; as soon as I made eye contact with him he sped up and ran directly into me. Without skipping a beat he pulled over, got out of his car and told me that I can't walk in front of his car.

His car hit me left leg, I went airborne and landed on my head. Luckily a woman at the post office saw and told me to stay down and not to move. I was also less than a block away from the fire station and was witnessed by a fire fighter who alerted paramedics. They pulled up in the ambulance shortly after.

My CT scans and Xrays checked out but I needed 14 stitches above my right eye and the right side of my face is swollen.

The responding officer visited me in the hospital and said the old man was not at all remorseful and claimed I ran into his car on foot, however he interviewed witnesses which stated I was half way across the crosswalk when I was struck and there's damage to the drivers vehicle which is inconsistent with his story.

Can anybody tell me what my chances of winning a lawsuit would be?