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    Apparently a number of groups -- mainly conservative/right-leaning groups, but there are definitely some on the liberal/left side of the scale that also are active -- have been agitating for a constitutional convention for some time, with, it seems, some success in convincing some of the state legislatures that one should be convened.

    This article (link below) provides a decent summary of some of the ongoing efforts to initiate a constitutional convention. The article was last updated in March 2019, and so does not take account of any activity that may have occurred since then.

    www DOT commoncause DOT org/resource/u-s-constitution-threatened-as-article-v-convention-movement-nears-success/#

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    Default Re: The Illegalization of Drugs

    This site is not a debate/chat site. There are plenty of those, and the member there would love to discuss this issue with you. Go there.

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    Article V convention. 2/3 of states. Last time I looked into it, the only thing that came close was the prohibition of alcohol but congress shifted direction once it realized the reality of an article V happening.

    Correct me if Iím wrong.

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