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    I have many legal questions and need an expert opinion. Currently I have alot going on and dont know who or where to get information or help concerning my legal issues. I'm homeless and unemployed, everyone knows who I am in the community and I'm constantly harassed. Im told I'm famous but I have no money. People pose around me and it's like I'm on T.V. or being filmed. Sometimes people blurt out comments about my personal and or private life while I am in public while on film. Sometimes there is no camera around but people say we are being filmed. Everything is staged or setup. Sometimes I get negative comments depending on what's currently happening at the time. I often get stalked by these people and harassed in public
    Nothing seems to be private. This is very difficult for me as I am homeless and trying to make it. I feel as If though it is impossible to pull my life back together because i constantly am followed and dragged into the situations. Many times in the past 5 years I've heard talks of large payments but no one ever approaches me with payment and or what the payment is for. I feel like I work for them? I just want to know what's going on and what to do about this... How is my public status so high and what can I do with this. I feel like they should've paid me by now. Things only get worse as time goes on without money and my public status grows. Where are these people getting this information from? How're they using it. Many things are personal and they blurt it out around me and I cant even reply on it. Other nations are even involved with this. Is this a violation of my rights? For example, the other day, When talking to a girl. Someone blurted out that I have herpes and she left. This has happened many times. These people make me look bad at times. Alot of this stuff give me a bad image publicly. People come around just to pose in front of me and constantly challenge on any and everything. I'm also at a disadvantage. I'm only human, they seem to not. I hear comments on any and everything from everyone any and everywhere... Just by thinking the stuff. For example I will know where I'm headed and people are waiting there before I even arrive and have everything setup as if they are filming and or recording everything. I consider this to be work. I hear talks of doubles or people doubling for me or replacing me. I just want to know what work am I performing and for who. Where is all this money they keep teasing me with? The other day I found a Coka Cola Bottle that is very rare and thought it was a payment. Because I often hustle and it seems to have made me very famous. I think they wanted me to sell this bottle and become rich. I dont know how expensive this bottle truly is but I've been told it is millions. When I found it they wanted a speech. One guy from a distance offered me 3-9 million. I dont think this was a joke. It may have been. The man never approached me to make the sale. I was very excited. They are constantly teasing me. Soon after I was arrested by the police on a bench warrant and out the same day. I told the arresting officer that the bottle is very rare and not to damage it as it was in my back pack. I'm sure the arresting officer knew who I was as everyone seems to know me in the community. I do not know how far this thing goes. When I got out of jail I examined the bottle and there was damage to the cap. They wont take responsibility for it but I was told I can sue. I have picture of the bottle with time and date stamps before the damage. So I have many questions here.
    If anyone can help please reply and give me information on what I can or should be doing at this point. Any help would be appreciated. The problem is my rights and the money. I'm also interested in any contacts on who I can call and or talk to about this work I preform. Or on my rights in general? Isn't there an agent I should be working with if I'm doing this sort of thing? Alot of these things I'm not okay with doing. They seem to coordinate everything. Often hustling in the streets, putting me in jail and or other stuff. Even pornography. I'm just wondering what's going on and what I can do with this stuff. Where do I get legal aid and how can I take control of it. Thanks.

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    I do not say this to be mean, rude, sarcastic or belittling:
    You do not have a legal issue, you have a mental health issue.
    Your time would be better spent seeking the assistance of a mental health professional than a legal one.

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