Just a short and sweet update on this story. I got the vehicle back. Was out of the vehicle for several days as I ultimately decided against reassembly. Felt it was not going to be safe to drive until the worn parts were replaced and the correct parts were installed. While I was without the vehicle for several days past the originally quoted date, I was only charged for the original quote. If any reassembly, or other work to source correct parts happened during the short time between the time I said yes, reassemble and the time I said no, don't reassemble, I was not charged for it.

In the long run, this whole thread and experience has opened my eyes to the various issues related to these situations. As far as I'm concerned, I am happy with the service rendered even if I was inconvenienced (I get it, sometimes that happens).

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I post on far less than 10% of the threads here. But when I do post, I will defend my posts. Get used to it.

In the legal system prosecutors rarely agree with defense attorneys. Here, nearly everyone agrees with each other and rarely calls another out. That is why I call you guys 'The Clique' because you are all of one mind and opinion. You guys (with the past help of KIA) have run all defense minded members off this site. Furthermore, when is the last time you told someone like cbg to shut the 'F' up after her nasty and unwarranted post?
Emphasis in quote above mine - yeah, no one standing up to call that out, but I'm sure if I went into other threads, examined people's old posts and just threw in needless flames about given so-and-so's old posts I wouldn't give much credence to what they are saying here, etc. etc.