My question involves business law in the state of: Florida

Let me start off by saying thank you for taking the time to read about my dilemma

To make the long story short, let me begin by saying that before my partner and I
formed a LLC together, I trusted this man with all my heart. I knew him for a while
and he is also my in-law, I figured he can't screw me over.

My partner and I agreed that the LLC will be a 50-50 partnership and the initial
investment is 50k. He didn't have the initial funding so the whole 50k was my
money. We verbally agreed that he will later pay me back 25k because it is a
50-50 partnership. I gave him (30K cash and 20K from my father) and I let him take care all of the paperwork
such as finding an attorney, setting up the LLC, etc because I am not realy good
with paperwork.

1 year after the business open and we filed the business tax and I asked him for
a copy and he refused. I got suspicious so I asked the CPA myself for the copy.
On the tax return it states out of the 50k, he put in 35k (70%) and I only put 15k (30%).
He did all of this witout me knowing! He made himself the majority owner.

He doesn't know I have the tax return

I want to remove my name from the LLC and have asked my partner to help me do so since he takes care of all the paperwork
and he said no. I do not want to do any business with him anymore since he cheated me but I'm afraid that since he is the majority owner,
he can stop me from removing my name. I honestly don't even care about the initial investment that he cheated me, I just want my name remove from the LLC so I
no longer am part of it but my partner is making it extremely difficult for me to do so with all kinds of threats (nothing
violent or abusive) such as the business will die if I leave, he needs me, etc.

Throughout this LLC parntership, I have worked so hard. I put in 110% and I feel like he does not. He always blames me
and never appreciates my work. I feel mistreated, unvalue, angry, sad, disappointed, and frustrated. I want to end things on a good note because
he is my in-law after all and I value family a lot. However, I have to leave this LLC partnership because he is treating
me like a slave and he wants to control me.

My questions:

Since he is the majority ownership, how can I get the attorney to write a dissolution and remove my name
from the LLC?

Should I find a lawyer in Florida (where we are at) or can I also find an out of state lawyer such as in California since my friend
knows a few attorneys there?

What are my chances of winning (to remove my name)

If I decide to sue him for the initial investment, what are my chances of winning? I'm afraid there are no paper trails of me giving him the 50K?