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    Default Assisted Living Forced Quarentien

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Wisconsin

    FYI I realize I spelled Quarantine incorrectly but can't change it now :-)

    My grandfather has lived in one of these Assisted living homes for a while now. Approx. $3,000 / mo

    He's at the point still that he can come and go and still drive. However, since the Pandemic started, he has not been allowed to leave. They are worried about infection.
    HOWEVER!! Just recently, a staff member brought in the infection and got a few residents infected along with some staff.

    This whole time (Since March) no family member is allowed to get anywhere close to him. All he wants to do is talk to my kids and at his age, its hard to hear. We are forced to wear masks and stand 10 feet away OUTSIDE while he stays inside with the screen door shut. Makes NO sense. Other homes at least allow you to visit outside at 6 feet apart wearing masks. That would be fine with us. The person in charge is believed to be the one that brought Covid into the building. Also, apparently the residents were forced to pay for their own tests and they were mandatory. That doesn't seem right either.

    He has lived through everything and this is mentally going to kill him.
    He has not had his feet looked at, hair cut or any other personal matters taken care of. I don't know what to do. No-one at the "home" will answer. If you call the head company, no-one will answer either.

    Any Suggestions?
    This is for Columbia County WI

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    Default Re: Assisted Living Forced Quarentien

    I'm sure he's free to leave, he's just not free to return.

    Nothing you claim "isn't right' is illegal and largely at the discretion of the facility. If you have direct MEDICAL concerns, then you might have issues.

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    Default Re: Assisted Living Forced Quarentien

    Not allowing others near him is to protect him. No one knows for sure if they could have covid and be asymptomatic. There are no guarantees even with a negative Covid test taken a,few hours prior due to false negatives. The facility is trying to protect your grandfather. It is sad that you do not care as much for him as,they do.

    Don't the residents at the facility have Medicare or other insurance that pays for the Covid test ? Would you prefer them waiting until a sick resident infected your grandfather and others and then test them ?

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