My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington

I got a ticket for improperly changing lanes, and I want to present my own case, ideally. I was driving and a car hit me as they merged into my lane, although they contend that I was at fault.

The officer did not witness the lane change and there is no video evidence. It is my word against the driver of the other vehicle, although the officer took their side.

I know in WA state, it is preponderance of the evidence. What types of evidence are most persuasive for me to use at my case? What are my chances of successfully contesting this ticket? My plan was to show that they do not have any evidence besides the testimony of the other driver. It comes down to a credibility assessment, which I wonder if I can try to show that they can't issue a ticket for something they didn't see? Any advice, resources, or websites would be helpful.

I know to request discovery from the prosecution, which I will do as close to court date as possible. Hearings are remote, but I plan on going in person to show the judge how seriously I am taking the case.