My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: NH NY
Daughter just moved out to NH which has no sales tax. I'm in NY.

My daughter is looking to purchase a good used car. Ive been looking here in NY and would prefer to find one here for her since there seems to be more private party cars for sale as opposed to NH. And Id feel better, not to mention it being easier for me to check out thoroughly. here.
I would be able to purchase and pay cash, but I don't know how the tax part would go since it won't be registered in NY.
It will be her car so it would end up being registered in NH.
Plus it would eventually be titled to her and she would need to get a used car loan.
Is what I want to do, going to be too difficult where she would just better off finding something in NH, possibly a dealer?

Ugg after re-reading my post, I don't see my idea being easy, or possible at all.. Lol