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    Default Filing Complaint for Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    My question involves business law in the state of: IL
    Dear All

    My friend plaintiff in the case won a Department of Labor Case in 2015 against Defendant and Owner of company in IL. The Final Decision and ORDER issued by Admin Review Board on name of the company .

    So, It tooks another five years for plaintiff to make the Defendant personally liable .The plaintiff had to approach circuit court and Hon Judge of circuit court is yet to give an order making Defendant personally liable .

    Before it happened , inorder to escape from the liability ,Defendant misrepresenting facts about his business and career before Hon Judge /Court. Can I register another complaint with all evidences ? What is the right forum ?
    Please advise

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    Default Re: Filing Complaint for Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    I have no idea. Do you or your friend have a lawyer? If somebody won a case 5 years ago and hasn't gotten any money yet, chances are that somebody screwed up and there isn't going to be any.

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