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There are people here who I like and those I dislike. I learn stuff just like anyone else. It is the select front-liners that come here to unnecessarily bash people that are the ones I dislike. Also, those arrogant, rude few like to think this forum is theirs due to their bullying.

For the record, I post on very few threads here. Take notice please. I only post on threads that I have experience with, which includes this one.

I know that I cannot change these select front-liners because it is their sick obsession with bashing people. But, if it is acceptable to bash OP's here, which you seem to condone, then you should find it acceptable that I bash the bashers. Right? It is they who have set the ground rules.

That's right Jack, go hide behind your screen and look for some fresh meat to bash.

Looking forward to getting banned....again.