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    Default Michigan Traffic Enforcement Requirement

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Michigan

    so i got a question about signage and such.

    Ill start from the begging. I pull out of my sub to head south down a 2 lane hwy. Suddenly there is a sign that says road closed / Bridge out.

    The only road i see around or even know of to get to where i'm going has a sign No Thru Traffic - Also a sign right behind it flashing saying drive slow.. Both put in place by road crews, the signs on wheels.

    Said closed road has never been closed before to "thru" traffic, this hwy has been closed many times. I've always used this said closed road as to go around. Cause there was never a sign before and i actually didn't know any other way around.

    Also not sure witch it is, drive slow or don't go Thru , cause that's a word? Also questioning the spelling of this Thru word on signs.

    So i go down said No Thru Traffic road, and yes i drove slow . The big flashing one told me to. I'm cruising along having a great time. Mind u i followed traffic this way too, 6 cars ahead of me, and 1 behind me at this time. Going down this forbidden road.

    Note- the road is a public road, i know these signs are allowed in this fashion but just to be clear this road is not private nor ever was.

    So i'm driving... i'm driving.. and WOOP WOOP that's the sound of the police. He fly's up, passes the guy behind me to pull me over. Yes he passed someone behind me that followed me down the same road, To pull me over. Seems rather fishy but whatever maybe i'm just the unlucky one?

    Also Note - I've requested body cam and dash cam footage from said officer, to see exactly what he saw to maybe get back to the point of the other 7 cars next to me and i was the only one stopped. But will get to that when i get the footage.

    So my question here is about signage, said hwy is closed i drove up and down it, both sides leading to the closed part. There is no detour signs posted anywhere. Just signs stating that this roads closed ahead, And to not dare use the only logical road that connects me from a to b. I'm wondering are detours like this required when a hwy is closed? Before they can just start closing off any road they want and enforcing these signs? I obviously found a detour on my own after this. Mind you its 30 minutes out of the way. But that's fine, i just wonder if this detour should of been in place before you closed the only known other road to get from a to b? Let me know what you think.

    Note - Said road is a long Dirt road about 4-5 miles long, many houses and subs break off on this road also commercial building on this road too.

    Ticket for ORD 257-611

    Disobeyed Traffic Control Device

    Posted Road Closed - No Thru Traffic

    That sign that said no thru traffic.. but also Drive slow in giant flashing letters.

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    Default Re: Michigan Traffic Enforcement Requirement

    You drive up to the road and you see a set of signs:

    Road Closed Bridge Out
    No Thru Traffic
    Drive Slow

    The road is 4.5 miles long and you expressed that you are familiar with the road, used it before, so you probably know where that bridge is.

    The first two signs tell me that the bridge is out so I'm not going to be able to get "thru" from point A (the start of the road) and point B (the other end of the road) because the bridge is out. Hence no thru traffic. I'm guessing there were similar signs at point B.

    However, people who live on the road between point A and the bridge still have to get home so they are allowed use of the road (they are not "thru" traffic) but admonished to drive slow.

    Why you were chosen is anybody's guess. It's possible that the officer recognized the other vehicles as belonging to that streets, might have run plates, or something about your car or driving stood out and made him suspicious. I don't know.

    You can plead not guilty on the basis of the signs being contradictory. Hope you got photos.

    No way to predict the outcome.

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    Default Re: Michigan Traffic Enforcement Requirement

    Ya went to every part of this road I could find and took tons of photos and video of the road leading up to the end road signs. No detour in place at any point or entrance to this road at any point anywhere. Just ends and good luck and it's a major highway with well over 12000 cars over it a day according to road commission

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    Default Re: Michigan Traffic Enforcement Requirement

    You make much of the lack of a detour sign and you should certainly bring that up in your defense.

    But I think that a "no thru traffic" sign does not need a detour sign. You intended to use the road to get to the other end. That makes you "thru traffic."

    Doesn't matter what the road is normally used for or how many cars normally traverse it. At that moment "thru traffic" was not permitted.

    You can plead not guilty and raise your defenses. Or you can see if you are eligible for traffic school to keep it off your record if your state allows that.

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