My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: North Carolina
I was on my way to work and i was the police car next to me and it was a unmarked vehicle but i saw all his lights which made me know he was one. 4 mins later when i was close to my job he forced himself behind me and kept up with me i turn into my jobs parking area (which is like a shopping center) i take my seatbelt off and he follows also and turn his light on. I pull over and he comes up and i dont have a license but a permit and he never said what made him pull me over but he saw i hd no seatbelt And told him i was going to my work which is right there he said to give him a sec and went back to his car, he came back and gave me a citation for no seatbelt and no license
My things Is i dont know why no seatbelt if im not on public highway no more im in my jobs shopping center and he never mentioned what was his reason to stop me only that he saw i had no seatbelt and gave me that. no license i get im trying to get it so that might be excused when i get it and im pretty sure my shopping center is private property which i work at so could this be a unlawful ticket?? Anything helps thanks