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    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Louisiana
    What does this mean D.A. REFUSED R.S. ON 6/30/2020 14:98.2, 32:58

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    Out of context, we cannot say with certainty.

    It seems to indicate the DA refused something related to charges of unlawful refusal of blood test and careless operation of a vehicle. If I were to hazard a guess, the R.S. may refer to reasonable suspicion but who knows without knowing the court's shorthand system.
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    My best guess is that the "R.S." is an abbreviation for 'Revised Statutes' as in the Louisiana Revised Statutes, which is the body of laws enacted by the Louisiana state legislature.

    R.S.14:98.2 ( is the statute for DUI second offense.
    R.S.32:58 ( is the statute for careless operation of a vehicle

    Perhaps these charges were proposed in the case but the D.A. declined to charge the offender with violation of these statutes?

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    Ask your attorney.

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