My question involves a marriage in the state of: riverside, ca

I recently put a restraining order on my husband. He is a severe Narcissist and put a recorder in my closet, car, and possibly a camera in my bedroom.
I have nothing to hide but it was very scary and creepy. Perhaps there is something in the shower area. Anyway I found it and turned it in to the police station.
14 hours of worship music which just proves my point his paranoia. The DA will decide what they are going to do with this. And he has told people at
work he wants to kill me.

I reported both incidents to police. The judge denied by restraint. I need to court to explain more in details ect. A day ago he moved out to his mothers house after he realized I had filed a restraint on him.
My question is since he moved out do I still need to go to court? I have filed divorce papers I do not want to live in this house. I'm scared I just want to find a new place on my own. Can the judge order him stay away until I find a place or until divorce is final. Thank you for your help.