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    Default Summoned to Court with a Forged Certified Letter from the Code Enforcement Officer

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Texas. I received a certified letter that was already signed by me apparently, in my mailbox by the mailman. When I went to ask the code enforcement officer about this, he showed me the signature and it was in PRINT..his print handwriting to be exact. I sign my name in cursive. So, I never did sign for a letter giving me x amount of days to clean up MY property AFTER a tornado mind you that came through the city of Bowie Texas. Today, I just got a visit from the Bowie police department with a summons to go to court for a misdemeanor offence committed against the laws of the state of () it said" an ordinance of the said city" to wit: outdoor storage ( I can't have a tool shed?), Obstruction of right of way( I'm the last house on the end of the street before you get to uncrossable railroad tracks with warning signs from the Union Pacific railroad "do not cross" what am I obstructing?), Junk& trash ( we suffered a EF1 tornado in late May and requested the city for assistance in helping us get rid of brush,trash and debris and were put on a list..and they never came to assist. We lost 11 50+ft pecan trees we had to cut up and stack ourselves and the damages are still evident in the yard...but nobody comes down to the end of the street. Nobody sees our yard on a daily basis so why the complaint??... we're doing what we can and they decided to forge my signature on a certified letter and have the mail man set it in our mail box ( he's the snitch... takes pics of ppls property and shows the code enforcement officer and code enforcement supervisor (same guy), and delivers already signed certified mail that your supposed to go up to the post office for to sign and pick up) I've got 2 days..what do I do??? How do I present this to the judge nicely and still accepting responsibility for the messy yard but not get in trouble??..and get those two people charged for federal crimes? Because that's what they've commited.. federal crimes. Not to mention I've had a city worker steal my tools... and was told by the police department that he in fact did steal them and would return them in the it wasn't a big deal.

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    Default Re: Summoned to Court with a Forged Certified Letter from the Code Enforcement Office

    Sentences are your friend. You don't get a pass on the ordinances just because you don't think anybody will see your violations. Someone obviously did. Certified mail doesn't guarantee that it was delivered to you, just that it was delivered to somebody.

    Frankly, I'd endeavor to get the mess cleaned up in advance of your court date and see if the DA will drop the charges. If not, I suggest an attorney.

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    Default Re: Summoned to Court with a Forged Certified Letter from the Code Enforcement Office

    First thing you do is you tell the judge that you didn't sign the letter. I'd have some items with a copy of my signature just to show the difference. But this is only really going to help you if it pisses the judge off enough. You can't really control that. You just need to come across as a reasonable person. Stating some big conspiracy isn't the way to do that.

    There is no need to mention the federal crime or the local crime to this judge at this time. You have had two months. You are going to need a good story to explain why it has taken that long.

    Outdoor tool shed: Are you sure what they are talking about. Could it be the tools that walked off with the city employee?
    Obstruction of Right of Way: There are likely more rights of way that the train. Utilities comes to mind.

    As for the "forged" certified letter. Report it to the postal inspector. As for the stolen tools report to the police AGAIN that they have not been returned and that you need a report forwarded to the prosicutor.

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    Default Re: Summoned to Court with a Forged Certified Letter from the Code Enforcement Office

    I think the certified letter is a red herring. That violation came and went. She's now charged with new things. As I stated, certified mail doesn't prove it was delivered to the addressee, just that it was delivered to someone at the address in question. It's a moot point, even if she didn't get the letter, she's still in violation.

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