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    Angry I Have a Problem in Scotland with Film Related Personnel!

    I don't live in the United States, so I'm only seeking practical advice on this matter...

    Anyway, I was blocked on Twitter about 4 years ago by an actress from Glasgow called "Nicolette McKeown", and since that time, she has been going around telling other film-makers about me, to cost me a part as an extra in films that were being shot in Edinburgh. I'm not interested in her, and I've not actually ever met her. All I did was leave a comment about some people to do with an extras group, because they were being out of line on the Facebook group for this zombie film I was in back in 2016.

    This also happens with non film-related people too. Anybody ranging from trolls on YouTube that discuss the Resident Evil games, to a singer in England. And she also contacted another woman who has been doing similar things, because she works on films as an assistant herself. But I don't think they've met each other before.

    Like, I was in a short film in 2017 and somebody added it on YouTube. I saved it, and she asked me later that year if I made the IMDb entry for it. Since IMDb is a database for listing your film credits, there's no law stating you cannot do that. Well, she went around telling all these strangers for years after this, that made Indiegogo pledge pages, to omit me as an extra if I got in touch. This is just because she either knows the production team or because she was working on the films too. I've also came across tweets from people that I can prove know her, and I even contacted one guy by phone, just to get a mouthful of abuse.

    Furthermore, she accused me of spying on her at this games shop she was employed for until last year, because I happened to glance in the shop when I went to the mall with my mother to get my shopping. Her boyfriend supposedly noticed me. Then earlier this year, I donated money on an Indiegogo campaign to some person I'd never heard of, and I never got to be an extra in that short film either, nor did I have my money reinstated. It also happened with a feature film. I sent money to this guy as far back as June last year. Again, that's because someone had been gossiping about me.

    Indiegogo is basically a Kickstarter type website where people go mooching for money to fulfill whatever it is they want to set about doing, and you can receive perks as a result of offering people your money. So in my case, I just wanted a small part as an extra. They can issue a refund themselves. It's quite simple, really. If you use a debit card or PayPal to send somebody cash, the recipient can just forward the money back to your bank account. It's just up to them to do it.

    It has been a right nuisance over these past few years where the same rejection has played out, all because they've been having me blackballed. I'm also on bail from the court at the moment, because I made a little video saying I was 'going to kill them'. Now obviously I was just saying that because I was mad, but I also have a checkered record due to problems I had with autism related support workers, that gave me grief before I started to look for acting jobs, long after the support had ceased. This also limits what kind of work I can get, as certain websites normally request a background report on your criminal history. You're sent this report on special paper to disclose to employers, so you cannot hide it. When I've had acting gigs in the past, I've just used Indiegogo or asked them about being involved on social media.

    Then COVID-19 happened, of course. Now nobody is hardly able to do anything anymore. It seems relatively pointless to look for acting jobs at the age of 34 with no major experience to my name anyway. I've called the Edinburgh Sheriff Court so many times about what my next step should be. They all seem to be quite clueless in there. They've told me to call advice bureaus that stated to me before that they don't even offer legal advice. Right now, a lot of places are closed for obvious reasons. It's very frustrating.

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