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    Default Establishing a Volunteer Police Department (in Texas)

    Due to the events occurring throughout the nation, our community is very concerned for it's safety. We know that the metro cities surrounding us are going to self-destruct and that there will be an existential threat to our general community. We're in a very rural area and county response time is over 30 minutes. I need to know what we can legally do to form a volunteer police department, if that's even possible. Otherwise, we're going to have a Bubba militia which could result in some negative consequences, which we'd like to avoid at all cost.

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    Default Re: Establishing a Volunteer Police Department (in Texas)

    Contact your county sheriffs department and ask if they have volunteers. If they do not, ask about other law enforcement agencies in your area. Many areas use volunteers to help in various ways. Most, if not all departments require training classes be taken before working directly with the public. Some states and departments allow volunteers to carry firearms but most do not. A lot usually depends on the education and experience of volunteers in addition to the required training.

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