Years ago, I had support from a company based in Edinburgh called Autism Initiatives. I lived in supported accommodation from 2011 to 2014, but I signed away my tenancy in 2015 after the boss asked me to put my name on a blank piece of paper, after I went to see her in her office. My diagnosis is PDD-NOS.

Since there's a lot to cover, I reckon it would be best to abbreviate my story, so it at least makes a bit of sense...

So, it goes like this: I had various support workers (men and women) and some guy who is a service user went and said stuff to my key worker, to cause trouble. Years ago, I was also in supported accommodation that they lease out to clients on the spectrum. The people in charge had also removed another lady because I asked her out. Without going into a long tangent about what occurred, this "key worker" is a Spanish woman and she did not want to work with me again because she knew I had a fancy for her. The same with the other woman. Their names are Sara, and Joanna. Sara is the one from Madrid.

What gets me though, is how their bosses lied over and over again. The women basically asked to be removed. Meaning, it was their choice. But at every opportunity, their bosses (called the "Seniors") would try to pin their decision on my actions, somehow. So essentially, they screwed me over. They would even have me arrested and act like they did not know about it. For example, they kept saying after they removed them, that they were still my workers. That was false, however.

Eventually, I got remanded in jail after a series of incidents, and whenever I tried to offer an apology online after that, like on Facebook, the people involved would ignore me and just report me to the pigs. This happened again and again, and again. Like, for several years now, I've been kept in overnight at the police station so many times and been in court. The non-harassment orders for this Spanish lady and her former partner were meant to run out this year, but the court in Livingston had them extended 2 years ago, to run until 2028. This was due to multiple breaches. The court also had me seeing a supervisor years ago as well.

This ordeal has been a major heartbreaking disaster. I've also been falsely accused of being a sex offender and everything. I've did time on remand, as well as being sentenced in 2018 to 140 days in prison, where I served half of that, but I got a concurrent sentence for something unrelated, so I was in jail for 4 months rather than 2 months. The prison wouldn't give me an early release with 'the tag' either.

Now one non-harassment order had expired regarding the other woman, this year I think, and police came knocking at my door several weeks ago. Now I suspect they're just looking to go causing trouble, because they arrested me for talking about her in a video, but they said it was from way last year. One theory I have is that they want to try to slap me with a new non-harassment order for her, as hers has expired. Why else would they just show up like that after all of this time? Furthermore, when I was arrested, they broke into my flat with a warrant, and NEVER even explained what I was being charged with. Just that it was a "stalking" offence. So how the hell is one talking about a person's antics on a webcam and putting it on or YouTube, actually "stalking" somebody?

Anyway, I got small claims forms sent out to my address, and I'm hoping to get money from them for rent arrears, and there are also people to do with films that keep slandering me. I'm hoping to take out small claims cases against them too, as I never got money refunded from Indiegogo. My lawyer tries to fob me off as well, because I am sure he does not want to bother helping me to take action against them. He wanted me to go to a police station one Friday recently to speak to this PC, but I refused to turn up because it was arranged for a Friday morning. I'd called 101 so many times too, and attempted to get the date for the interview changed, but they kept messing me about, and making it another Friday again and again.

Hopefully, I can take all of their butts to court soon, if they ease the lockdown rules. The thing is, when I call the court about how to go about doing that, they do not seem to know how to help. Or maybe they do and are being awkward on purpose, but I feel like I absolutely must get this matter sorted out so that I can get this garbage removed from my record.

Years before all of this occurred, I also had another support worker (a guy) who went around sending me nasty emails, with a nickname. He even confessed to doing that, insisting he was just trying to help me. So would I have grounds to sue any of these people, minus the guy who sent me emails, as I deleted all of those a long time ago?