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    Question Divorce Orders Interfering With Spouse's Business

    I am a land developer and this fact has been established in family courts. My income has been dependent on developing properties. Apx. 20% of my income can be attributed to other sources. My husband falsely accused me of domestic violence to take control of the property which is also the family residence. I have been excluded from the residence for over a year now and the subdivision of the property has ceased since my forced departure. Now our estate is becoming in peril. My question is:

    Is there a continuance of business motion I can file to relieve the estate of the financial peril?

    There is no way I can subdivide the property without access to it. It could be done by a paid outside party but neither of us has much liquid cash left and certainly not enough to pay an outside party to perform the subdivision. Naturally the vexatious ex husband is attempting to play dumb like he doesn't know the property was under sub-division. I believe I can easily prove otherwise.

    If there is a continuance type motion can I incorporate the false accusations as they are the beginning of the malicious act. I also have proof the DV was false but again no money to pay for attorney.

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    Default Re: Fam home is land developers business

    You need to get help from a divorce laywer so you can, if possible, get the restraining order set aside, and so you can try to get your divorce resolved expeditiously or at least get an order permitting you to subdivide the property. It sounds like a big part of the problem is that you're trying to do these things without legal help.

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