My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Florida.
Skip to bottom for question, sorry I felt the need to give a background on why I am asking this question. Hello, so Iím currently 16 and I am setting myself up to live on my own mainly because I am not happy living with my parents(dad and dads girlfriend). A little background: I love my dad but I donít agree with his decision and I absolutely hate his girlfriend. Sheís nice to me until you speak your mind and tell her something she doesnít want to hear. Letís just say sheís abusive to her own kids. Her middle child is suffering from mental and physical abuse and has been for years I'm talking since he was 5. I know I am wrong for not doing anything and every time I stand up for him she always starts arguing with me and my dad stands up for me and then we move out for 5 days or so and they make up over and over again. My dad is absolutely sick of her but heís not doing anything and Iím convinced he never will. Iíve threatened to call the cops on her. I donít really understand my dads situation but from what I heard he was suppose to ďprotect usĒ because of the whole situation with my birth mom. And long story short heís failed at that by dating his girlfriend. Okay on to my point... 3 years ago she gave birth to now my half sister. And I want to protect her at all costs. She has hit her and yells at her calling her names like stupid and other bs, things you should say to a three year old. I believe she has failed to provide her basic needs. Sheís still on a bottle, Iíve been the one to potty train her but Iím not home 24/7 so she Is struggling with that, she eats ramen noodles almost every day lunch and dinner because she has neglected her proper diet, for breakfast I give her eggs or cereal maybe fruit occasionally, but Iíve noticed when Iím at work or something she gives her a cereal bar. The problem is sheís to lazy and neglected to take care of her. She doesnít even have her own room and her mom puts her to bed at 12:00 pm every night. Again, long story short Iím concerned for her growth in the future, she(the kid) fights me on everything, I blame the mom. My dad is at work all day because she hasnít had a job since she met my dad. Not that thatís an excuse believe me but she doesnít let him have a say in her life for the first 2 years of her life the mom wouldnít let him take her anywhere without her. Oh not to mention, sheís an abusive drunk, I canít remember the last night she hasnít drank. Sheís not fit to be a parent. Iím with my little sister whenever Iím not at work or school. I bathe her(she takes showers with me), feed her, play with her, basically everything except put her to bed, but I have done that when we have sleepovers at my grandmas.

Sorry, that was a lot. So right now, Iím working as a hostess during weekends and some week nights, babysit a few times a week getting paid $15 an hour for the school year, and I am dual enrolled for the next year. I am graduating after this school year, and I found a program I really like for Radiation Therapy in Delray Beach, fl. My dad supports everything I am doing so far. I have an appointment to get my drivers license on the 24 of August, and I am looking for a car.

Iíve been thinking about what happens after I move. Iíve been waiting until I got myself settled on my own in case my dad lost me and my brother if I reported the girlfriend. My brother turned 18 this year, and I am leaving in the next year. Say I reported her, she might (hopefully) get the 3 yr old taken away from her( ok, I am truly afraid for her life not that she will kill her but that she will physically and mentally abuse her when she gets older. I came to this conclusion based on how she treats her older kids and how sheís treating the little one now at age 3), but Iím asking in case my dad does too.

Question: Because I will only be 17 years old if I fought the courts could they place her in my custody if I am stable the time of? I was also thinking if I emancipated myself, that she could legally be in my custody. (I donít really know what Iím saying but I just want my little sister to not be thrown into foster care or something like that because I will bust my ass for her). This is a serious question because the mom needs to be stopped personally I think she deserves life in prison.
Thank you to anybody who responds Iím just confused. And I know I am 100% in the wrong for not speaking up (see something say something), I hate myself for it but I need my little sister to grow up away from her, sheís never going to change