My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: florida

so i got a ticket fr failure to reg. motor vehicle..(a 50cc scooter) when i was going to get my liscense reinstated , i couldnt because the dmv said that i had to pay a speeeding ticket. but i never got one. when i cross refrence the citation number from dmv records, it is a ticket for not registering a motor vehicle. so i dont know what to do , who to talk to, or where to start to fix this and get my liscence back. basically dmv has a hold on my liscence, but they have somehow recieved incorrect information about what the charge is. is there a way to get the dmv to release the hold? or anyone know what to do, or where to start? ive been looking and searching for a fix to this and have gotten nowhere.. please help me if you know what i should do or need to do ..