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    Default Lamdlord of Relative Stole My Equipment and Tossed My Property

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Arizona
    Iíll make a short version of the issue my step mom purchased a large building in which was a rental investment 60% of the building was leased
    I closed my shop at other location and got a separation from wife a few years ago
    My step mom did me a favor and offered me storage at he building with an office to put my stuff from my house
    I had brought quite a bit of metal working equipment there .
    She put building up for sale and it was bought
    She wanted to keep space at the building so she made a deal with new owner to pay rent a lease was drawn up in December for 2 months
    The lease ended in January 2020 and it was a casual agreement but she paid about 37 k for 7 months
    I was told to start staging my things as well as a few other people she let keep things there
    So I lease a 45 ft container and start putting equipment in it
    The land lord became a whole because he could not flip building fast so he wanted to end her stay there and even went to get a eviction notice with lock out date
    Which was fine I had looked for a new shop and I was complying with my step mom and was packing

    Lockout came and locks were changed And was told that he must make a time and date to let my step mom grab her office things Mine was still being packed and I had a few dozen machines still in there
    The lock smith friend of his had left big wide gate open
    It stayed that way for a week then the owner shows up as Iím arranging container weight to be ready to be moved
    The owner comes with locksmith guy and I walk over to the double doors and they were left wide open so he failed to secure the place with thousands of dollars of my property locked in there
    He then states Iím not getting the stuff inside and the container which Iím leasing he claims is on the property and now itís his He calls the local pd and they said I have to leave the container to. Now his dispute is with my step mom not me
    I am not on one piece of paperwork for the building Iím not nor was I ever a tentent
    Iím a private person who was given a favor to
    So a week later my step mom calls we need to get our things the girl in the office says the owner is at building to call him
    So she texts and he says you have one hour to get whatís left I got a huge dumpster and the guys are tossing everything from the offices
    So no call or nothing I drive my step mom down and heís got a fence around the container which by the way is not on the property but on city property by a long 10í
    So heís got my container full of equipment trapped in
    So I find out heís stolen my entire cigar collection and many other things and threw out all my papers tax and recipients as well as family heirlooms and also my step moms office was ravaged
    Iím missing work my employee is missing work I canít take the new shop as I have nothing to put in it
    I lost 13k in machine sales and Iím paying for container
    Heís got some guy living on the grounds watching the place
    All my things are in danger of getting stolen
    I have nothing to. Do with any of this and itís criminal what heís doing

    I donít know who to contact I know the law here states he canít keep my property

    Itís worth 250k
    My wallet also got stolen inside the locked gate which was smashed down and the carts of stuff I had in them got stolen
    Heís responsible for my things getting stolen

    Any help here I need to contact the right agency


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    Default Re: Lamdlord of Relative Stole My Equipment and Tossed My Property

    So after eveiction you not only didn't get your stuff off the property but you added more stuff? (The container).

    You should contact a local lawyer but I don't think you will have much luck.

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    Default Re: Lamdlord of Relative Stole My Equipment and Tossed My Property

    Your frazzled rambling makes it difficult to tell reality from exaggeration.

    To begin there is no such thing as "an eviction notice with a lockout date''. There are writs or orders granting landlords possession and assistance in retaining possession of rental units, but none such as you describe.

    Theft? It seems that the only evidence you have that the building owner stole any of your stuff is that some of it is missing! And this in face of your admission that stepmother permitted other people to share the same storage where you stored your stuff.

    Business loss? If having your stuff was so essential in preventing you and your employees from "missing work" why didn't you remove it when given a week to do so and to a site where it could be utilized for business purposes instead of stowing it away in a storage container, or in unattended "carts"?

    In the same light you knew very well that step mom had but two months use of the building, yet it seems that you made not advance arrangements to remove your equipment to a site where it could be utilized for business purposes.

    Also it is difficult to believe that with a quarter of a million dollars supposedly at stake an experienced business person such as yourself would not know "who to contact". Or, more peculiar, "what agency to contact".

    If you intend on pursuing the matter you will need to engage an attorney. Make some calls. Many offer an initial consultation without charge. When the true state of affair are sifted out it may be that legal recourse against the building owner that supposedly denied you access to your property and may have negligently failed to secure it.

    Good luck

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