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    Default Re: Electronic Harassment

    (1) The amateur radio has a band; AM radio has 10KHz. So amateur radio you use must have a band, that is an area in the spectrum rather than a line as maser is. Even tunable laser (maser) can have several frequencies, but just one frequency can appear at any moment.
    I can operate in wavelengths ranging from 2200m to more than 13cm, generally but have access to sumbillimeter regions of the spectrum as well which is well past what is considered microwaves.

    (2) 20 years ago, the infra-sound might be illegal to own in U. S.; in 1960's, it was a huge speaker (which was really inconvenient to handle). These days it is very common in some country (area), where residences, apartments, are "stacked" into concrete buildings, 10 stores or higher. When the residents above "your" ceiling is too noisy, all "you" can do is using infra-sound hitting your ceiling a couple of times in order to tell the people above "you" "please be quieter". There are many sizes sold in stores or that place's local internet. If some one wants to hit by using the infra-sound, I think that it is totally up to him to decide.
    SO if this equipment is available at the consumer level then it's probably not illegal. Also, the uses that you, that you consider it the users right to bombard you, seem to fly in the face of what you consider harassment.

    The part of this equation that you continue to refuse to answer is they "why"? Why would your neighbor continue to go to the expense and trouble of bombarding you with masers and infrasound? That would make the neighbor and nutty as you sound. Being able to answer the "why" would also be crucial to getting someone to actually investigate. While you speak of having a frequency analyzer it's also likely consumer grade, due to expense, and would not be sufficient for your purposes.One other issue is the microwaves aren't too good at penetrating solid material. Generally as wavelengths get shorter the ability to penetrate solid matter is diminished.

    I'm going to recommend that your build a Faraday cage around your house for the masers and that you invest in a giant set of Bose noise cancelling headphones that would, likewise encase the house.
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    Default Re: Electronic Harassment

    Quote Quoting Kase SUN
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    To Shadowbunny
    16 years ago, my family doctor introduced his friend a psychiatrist to me, I made quite a number of visit to his office over one half year. We talked about my background, the man perpetrator's night saying (see aforementioned), the twice informal confessions of the woman perpetrator; she made those by carelessness, and my (educated?) conjecture based on my laboratory experience. The psychiatrist found nothing wrong; he told my wife and family doctor so. Now, I have some evidence which I think that it is hard to disregard, ...... I have not had a chance to discuss the new evidence to anyone yet!
    It's good that you visited a psychiatrist 16 years ago -- however, have you seen one recently and told them of your suspicions about your neighbor? Would you say that someone who broke their arm today shouldn't see a doctor because it was just fine 16 years ago? Truly, Kase Sun -- the only help you need can be found in a mental health provider's office.

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    Default Re: Electronic Harassment

    To Mark47n
    (1) I don't know why some one spent money on the illegal machine. As I mentioned before to you "You don't...., I may not.....", criminals may. Several years ago, they did some annex on their house. The result is that there is even a large space in the second floor near my house (for operating their machine better?). So, they must have some money. If they wanted to "waste" their savings, who could understand why exactly? And stop their doing-so. The perhaps-hood of a logically reasonable conjecture is "for revenge". A week ago, there was a garbage of some construction material dumped in my front yard near the side walk. I was quite unhappy and yelled loud;

    the woman perpetrator in low-voice responded. So, I recalled 20 years age, there was a similar garbage dump, I said some harsh words; they were at the side at that moment. This informal confession of hers (the third time) was clear to me the 20-year-ago-dump-of-garbage was that they did. They did not feel shameful, instead being fierce to revenge is so immoral and disgraceful. They must have some hateful and insane mind to revenge, especially using illegal machine to an almost stranger (I didn't contact them, almost for nothing to link to them at all), contrary to U.S. custom of helping strangers as seeing on high way for accident and car break-down. Thus, the spending on the illegal machine may have nicely been explained. Judged by their deed for these 20 years, had some one dumped garbage onto them, they would scold at least a thousand times.
    Once the woman asked a question to me, I suggested that she went the county public library to get (high school leveled) book to read. She did not want to read and showed so by keeping repeating the question....., I had the feeling her educational background must be not high (which if is a fact may hinder her judgement, ability for "right and wrong")!
    (2) Even though the infra-sound device becomes legal, still no one can use it to attack another person openly or from a dark corner. Furthermore, their infra-sound is actually a sonar since it can receive feedback echo. When I felt vibration in my mattress, I made metal screech, or used a rubber hammer to knock, or use a highly loud classical music (Beethoven's or Mendelssohn's) on the mattress spot, that vibration went away (i.e. they did not like this kind echo). Of course, my night sleep was greatly affected. The woman and their mentally retarded boy (30 to 35 years old?) were the

    main invaders. The woman told the boy to use low voice to curse (through machine's Frey effect part) which included "crazy", "FQ", etc. As I mentioned above, these are the only language the pair understand. Clearly, the pair's behavior was indeed crazy; the boy's low curse probably could not irritate her very much, what a sad logic! The boy might have the feeling of playing game in a boy scout camp;the woman just had the numbness in her reasoning and mind, and insanity. the woman always told the boy "don't outreach to him" to beautify an ugly, mean, vicious, disgusting action of invasion, rather than "don't disturb him", but the boy did not listen! The man perpetrator is a dentist (I do not know anything of where he was trained, etc.), clearly he violated his medical school entrance oath, namely, helping, rather than hurting people; also he might teach the woman and the boy how to use the illegal machine (there must be a

    a detailed explained user manual, as I felt their technique improved from time to time). Other people's mentally retarded most likely is trained into a painter, artist, or a musician; hers was trained from a thief into a bandit. They do not "retreat' with the leak of their illegal machine's properties, as they probably think of the saying "seeing is believing"; so I could be judged crazy when I talk this incident.
    Some one suggests that why I did not move away. Other than having daily living difficulties, the harassment using machine is now a global problem. The machines include: laser weapons, isotropic radiators, infra-sound, non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse generators, beta wave incapacitaters, high-power microwave emitters (see UIA, Where can "you" move? Canada? Australia? Antarctica?, or moon, Mars? To wherever, the bad guys (devils) would probably say "happy moving, we will reach "you"". The proverb says "the exorcist (law enforcement?) has a height of a meter, the devils have height of a decameter". The devils are not afraid as the Upper has a policy, the lowers (them, devils) have an anti-scheme (maybe, the law enforcement could be unexpectedly somehow numb and dumb and out-of-date). I am mentally prepared that I accept and expect that I shall have difficulty and problem to explain the whole incident happened.
    (3) 2.4GHz can penetrate metal sheet of some thickness; to find out this, a simple rough measurement can be carried out in a not too hard way. I don't know how thick the metal sheet needs to be to stop it. Internet knowledge says 4GHz can have trouble to penetrate building material. Faraday cage should not function for 2.4GHz. I will consider the second idea you suggested even though I have no microwave electronic assemblage experience.

    The infra-sound can have 1/20 passed through my fortification by my rough measurement using a radio.

    To Shadowbunny
    If I am hallucinatory, my wife would already force me to move to a place of peace, harmony/concord, and tranquility. At that place, I shall listen the serenades and write my imagination into a suspicion thrill novel (hopefully appears on cinema), rather than post description and sayings on a law forum to expose idea! Moreover, an easy answer is not always the true answer.

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