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    Default UI Has Discounted Me for 3 Months.agreed to My Unemployment Not Payed Me for 3 Months

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: California.I filed months ago for Cal unemployment.I filled out work forms.They wrote me told me I qualify.They did not contact me for months.I have tried to file complaints with every governing agency.Finally they sent me 2.5 months worth of reporting claim forms.I filled them out.another month goes by,no responce.I want to file a lawsuit against Cal Unemployment.I guess no one or agency has the guts tofight for me,I quess i will go hungry again?

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    Default Re: UI Has Discounted Me for 3 Months.agreed to My Unemployment Not Payed Me for 3 Mo

    All the states UE systems are overwhelmed. You just have to wait until they get to your claims and they will eventually. If you were approved you will receive weekly benefits retroactively to the date of your claim.

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