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    Default Can a Debt Be Transferred Back to Oc After Payment

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Connecticut

    Hi guys. Interesting scenario.

    I had a debt with verizon wireless didnt know about.

    Moved to sprint, they were supposed to buy me out of my contract. Never did.

    I found out when I pulled my report and saw the debt.

    I immediately contacted verizon to arrange payment.
    They informed me that they could not accept payment as they had sold the debt.

    They gave me the name of the collector, Convergent outsourcing.
    They gave me the phone #, and a reference number.

    NOTE: Convergent had not at that time, and still has not, reported the debt on my report.

    The contact at Convergent pulled up my account, made me a settlement offer, and I paid my debt. Got a receipt for "settled in full" and went on my way.

    Fast forward 2 months, and the verizon tradeline updated to paid settlement.

    I called verizon, curious as to how they could report on what I understand to be Convergent's debt.
    I was transferred to a special department, and the woman there informed me that AFTER I paid Convergent, they transferred the debt ownership BACK to verizon, and they have full right to continue reporting the debt, and collect on the difference if they so choose.

    Is this right? I was of the understanding that once a debt ownership is transferred, the OC could no longer report updates, as it is not their debt.

    What are my options here? Ideally, I'd like the tradeline removed. Which I understand may not be possible.

    What should I do next?

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    Default Re: Can a Debt Be Transferred Back to Oc After Payment

    It's up to Verizon. There's no obligation that they do so as long as it reflects what the correct status is (that it was delinquent, but settled...paid as agreed or whatever).

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    Default Re: Can a Debt Be Transferred Back to Oc After Payment

    Depends on the terms of whatever agreements exist/existed between the original creditor and the third-party debt collector. You should have insisted on seeing those when you made payment so that you could be sure you were paying the correct entity. With that said, if your credit report now reflects a "paid settlement," and since that's what happened, what's the issue?

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    Default Re: Can a Debt Be Transferred Back to Oc After Payment

    Putting it that way, I suppose there isnt a real issue.
    I have already reaped the benefit of increased credit score due to the payment.
    I just didnt think it was supposed to work that way.

    My wife and I are doing a refi, and found some errors on our reports. So we are going through our reports with a fine tooth comb.(One error unexpectedly resulted in a decently large 4 figure payout from the collector, the details of which I cant discuss due to signing an NDA)

    Just trying to fix everything to get our refi done.

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