My question involves police conduct in the State of: Delaware

I had an incident of police misconduct in the state of Delaware in Feb 2019. I was not taken for medical attention; (I had a severe concussion, I needed stitches on my face above my eye and not receiving the proper medical attention left a nasty scar on my face, also my foot was broken. I have all the medical records detailing this. The cops did not like the fact that I knew my rights and they treated me very aggressively because of this. The officer said; "I can appreciate you know your rights but I hope you can appreciate that I'm going to charge you with everything I can." He then added a false charge of offensive touching even after the individual repeatedly told him that was not what happened and if I'm not mistaken his false claim was a class A misdemeanor so he broke the law by doing that.
I filed a FOIA request at the time for the case information and any video pertaining to the incident and it was denied. I also called to file a complaint and got the run around from the officers superiors and never could get anywhere. The case has since been dismissed but it still bothering me and I'm trying to find out if I can resubmit the FOIA request and file a misconduct complaint after this much time has passed and what is the best way to submit a FOIA request for information pertaining to myself.

Thank you