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    Default Why is My Unemployment Being Adjudicated

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Michigan

    I filed back in june for unemployment when i found out that it wasn't just for ppl who couldn't go to work because of this pandemic that already had jobs i have not lied in my application process and wasn't asked to file anything else other then what i have filled out. I have a 1 year old son whom is the reason i can't work or find work it is just me and my son i have no family and now they are trying to tell me my unemployment is being adjudicated how am i to go look for work when i dont have money to pay for a sitter and can't take him to a child care facility due to this pandemic?

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    Default Re: Why is My Unemployment Being Adjudicated

    Understand that adjudication status doesn't mean you're not going to be found eligible. It's just their mechanism to investigate fraud. Often it comes because the employer claims you quit voluntarily rather than being forced out. It also could come because they don't believe, based on your certifications, that you're not able and seeking employment.

    The good news is that Governor Whitmer has included COVID-related lack of child care as a justifiable reason. You should continue to certify. You also need to show you've done something to try to find employment. Keep track of every application and inquiry you made (all it takes is a computer and/or phone).

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    Default Re: Why is My Unemployment Being Adjudicated

    An adjudication in Michigan unemployment just means there is an open non-monetary issue to resolve. While the issue is pending, benefit payments are also pending. Monitor your MiWAM account regularly for updates and continue to certify. That from the Michigan UE website.

    You will likely receive a certification form via email or USPS asking you about the unresolved issue. If your application was accepted you should be certifying for weekly benefits until the matter is resolved. You will get your benefits retroactively.

    Be sure to read everything you can find on the website about how you should be answering the weekly certification form. If your unemployment is due to COVID there may be specific answers to specific questions they want to check to comply with federal regulations to get PUA benefits even if it stretches the truth .

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