My question involves criminal records for the state of: Ohio

When I was 17 in Indiana, I crossed the railroad tracks into a junk yard looking to steal a shock absorber, I was a gear head with no brains or money. I had no idea at the time, (was scared and alone), i pled guilty to felony trespass. Never realized it didnt really even know what it meant. and never thought of it again. Thirty years later was convicted of possession of less than a gram of cocaine, Felony. I was lucky, and had a great job and built a good life. no other crimes, or even traffic tickets. Now im in my 60's and my neighborhood is getting rough, and would like to have a firearm. I contacted the DA in Cincinnati a few years back, and he slammed the door. 2 time felon. Is there anywhere to go, or anything I can do? Im not a gun nut, or a nut. Quiet retired guy and gal who have accumulated a nice life, and want to be safe and not break the laws. Any advice?