My question involves real estate located in the State of: Ohio. My neighbor had a tree fall and destroy my fence and shed. I removed his tree from my yard, and replaced the fence. My fence is one foot inside my property line. Survey to confirm, to be ordered, but pretty sure it is inside the property line. Daughter of original builder still lives here. They had another tree that was on the fence, actually growing thru the chain link. I paid to cut it down, it was leaning and would in no time destroy the new shed. We got into a disagreement when I asked him to quiet his dog barking for hours, and was told we had nothing to say to each other. Now, he is leaning old box springs, and a fiberglass pool wall against my replaced fence. Trying to trip my trigger. He has trees planted (big Trees) all along the fence line, and all kinds of briar, and vines pour through. So my question is, can I stop my fence from being destroyed, since it is on my property? push his junk off the fence? Can I spray the fence line to kill the vines and weeds. Is there any recourse from his trees destroying the rest of the fence, and my 15 car concrete pad which is starting to be cracked from roots. He also has a huge tree that overhangs not only my driveway, but my home itself. My cars, fence, and pad are in peril. And he doesnt have a pot to urinate in. Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks. KRH999