My question involves personal property located in the State of: New York

I own a house and 1 parcel of vacant land in upstate NY. The vacant parcel is 1.8 acres and of poor quality: a logger stripped them of hardwoods, left behind massive amounts of slash and left huge skidder trenches which are basically mosquito breeding swamps now. In addition many massive trees have come down in recent storms and the land itself is drastically sloped. I'm fixing what I can but it's essentially garbage not to mention dangerous.

My town assessor has assessed this at 10K with a full market value of 20K. A private appraiser valued it at at 7K and my grievance was rejected, which I expected. I now need to hire a lawyer to respond and am seeking advice on what to provide him. Here are a few relevant bits: The assessor

1) says he has nothing to do with assigning FMVs but will not tell me who does (he says it's "a calculator")

2) says valuations have risen as a result of new construction in the area but those luxury homes are 8 miles away

3) has never been on my 1.8 acre parcel so where is this FMV coming from?

4) asked me years ago to attend tax auctions for him, stating he was too busy to go. He then made me hold these properties for about a year before transferring back to him. I stopped after two auctions, seeing the scheme for what it was. To this day I don't know if it's technically legal for him as a town official to acquire property in this way. It is almost certainly the source of his behavior toward me.

5) assessed my adjacent neighbor's 23 acres at 20K. It is literally the continuation of my 1.8 acres assessed at 20K, same land but in better shape and even waterfront.

I do not expect all land parcel assessments to be precisely coordinated however it seems they should be in some kind of FMV ballpark.

Need advice on what to provide attorney.