My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of Virginia :
Business : Jeep Dealership in fairfax Vriginia

I brought my Jeep Grand Cherokee for diagnose to check why the AC was making hissing noise and doesn't blow cold air. The car was diagnosed and I received a quote after about 4 hours of dropping it off that said "Problem has been identified that the AC condenser is leaking and needs to be replaced ( I still have a copy of the diagnostic report ) . I wasn't planning to get it fixed their but after negotiation with the service guy he agreed to match the average price for replacing condenser in the area.

Even though this is a lot of money for me considering I'm still a fresh graduate and don't make a lot of money. The next morning I get a call that after fixing my condenser they realized my Compressor is not working and that it will cost me another $1000 to fix .
After talking to service center manager he did not take any responsibility that they misdiagnosed my car and he said that there is no way to know if compressor needed to be replaced since car ran out of Freon gas. The service department manager was very rude to me after I asked if I don’t want the condenser and I would pay you for the diagnose fee only. He gave me two options to either pay total of $1800 to finish up your car or come pick it up and pay the $800.

I was very nice and calm talking to these guys but I was so miserable because I don't have that kind of money to fix it especially during this pandemic. Ended up paying for condenser and labor with some discount, now I'm out $679 and my AC still doesn't work all because these people misdiagnosed my car.
These people tried to scam and did not tell me about my faulty compressor in the diagnose which according to any AC mechanic shop should be the first thing to be checked when diagnosing and there are multiple ways to do it .

I requested a dispute through the credit card of the amount of money I paid to replace the condenser. But after several months the dispute was declined because the merchant refused to take any responsibility and the people working on my case they are not mechanics and they said I received service and paid for it.

Why am I responsible to pay for a service that did not fix the AC issue in my vehicle,I only have diagnostic report which does not mention anything about compressor being broken, it say the problem has been identified as leaking condenser only.

If things were normal and we didn’t have this pandemic I would go talk to the manager face to face and complain since he tried to avoid communicating with me over the phone after his first call. But at that time things were not safe for me to make the trip and risk my life to get infected by this virus.

Can I hire a lawyer to work on this case ? do I have a chance to win ?