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I agree with the last two posts. There is nothing a teenager resents more than being used as a pawn in a custody battle.

Forget lawyers and court at this point unless you want to completely alienate her.

Work on a relationship with her.
Thank you for this... she has since texted me she doesnt want to come because it isnt fun, and I cant make her. I am deeply sad. I do think she is a moody teen, and I think in her newer relationship with her dad - she thinks ousting me is a way to get closer.

Either way, lawyers- court-- nothing has been followed since she left- at this point nothing will. Im unsure how to forge a new relationship - right now I am clouded by a kind of grief for missing out on her last year of school and ofcourse the last summer she is still somewhat a "kid." But I will have to deal. I did ofcourse plead to her father and that didnt work. She can do as she wishes or doesnt and covid is a concern he says.

Covid is an issue but more importantly my daughter wont "enjoy herself." I can travel to goergia and see her -- But, Atlanta is having covid issues, and she isnt allowed out there, if she cant get in a car and quarantine with me in my home, how would I visit in Georgia? Confusing. I do feel like not seeing her since November is wrong- but it might be time to accept I made a mistake by making this new agreement. Time to accept and figure out where to go from here.

I had custody of my daughter for a decade. THe pain Ive felt for the past two years I dont wish on anyone. Custodial parents really have a lot of sway good and bad.

I appreciate the thoughts and welcome more. Thank you.