My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of Texas:

So, I work part time (~15hrs./week) making 20/hr. as an in-home tutor. I was asked to provide that info to the financier who was working with my friend on finding a co-signer for an auto loan on a new car purchase. So, I gave him that same information and estimated that it might not even be ~20k when totaling the sum and I'm pretty sure that's not enough income to qualify as a co-signer. So, I was speculating whether the financier inflated my income information just so I would get approved as a co-signer and the loan would be approved. But, I didn't tell him to do this and I was not made aware of this fact. So, is that grounds to seek a release from having my name on the loan as a co-signer? I can't be expected to honor the terms when my income information was probably inaccurately represented.

Edit: Yes, I technically did personally sign the paperwork when my friend asked me to come in to the dealership to sign some things. I didn't think about my level of income should've probably disqualified me from being approved as a co-signer until another friend brought it up after the fact. But, the financier didn't talk through or point out any important aspects during the signing that made me aware he was possibly inflating my income figures for the sake of approval of the loan.