My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: California
Long story short, my mom was designated second in line to inherit her sister's estate (nothing but a home) Her sister designated her one daughter to inherit everything in the trust. All done by an attorney and I believed signed off by the other family member that is accusing my mom and her sister with financial elderly abuse. All my mom did was tell her what attorney she used in her estate and drive her to the appointment. Nothing else; wasn't in on the meeting and did not make any suggestions on what she should have the attorney do. Seven years later and after her passing, my mom is now hit with this lawsuit. I don't understand why it wouldn't be in criminal court but ok. Judge mandated mediation. My mom want's zero to do with this estate, never has. Has always been financially stable.
Any suggestions on mediation defense?
I'm going with her and we just got a petition in support of the case against my mom from a family member against my mom that was done 6 days before sched mediation and received on three days before it. Is that within the time allowed? Can I make a statement on behalf on my mom or do I need to write one down and if so, does it have to be in any specific format or can I just write it.
Since the court order mediation, does that mean we have to be there for a specific amount of time esp. if they continue to want something like $1.3 million dollars on a home that maybe worth $400k. Can we just walk out?
Can my mom counter sue on the same grounds of what she is being accused of?
This all seems rather insane and I'm not sure if her attorney is on the ball.
Any help would be nice.