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    Question Family Member on SSI in Calif Files for Pandemic Unemployment Receives Retro $9500

    My question involves a person located in the state of: Calif

    A family member is on SSI disability in California. He receives $850 a month to live on. He normally does recycle and other odd jobs to supplement his income just to get by. Someone told him he could file for Pandemic Unemployment for gig work. He did and is supposed to be getting $9500 retroactive.

    So how does this work? I am assuming he can not get his SSI and unemployment at the same time. He should report the unemployment benefits and pay back the $850 for 3 months and keep the Unemployment. Will he still keep his Medi-Cal benefits while he is getting the Pandemic Unemployment? Will he need to reapply all over again for SSI when the unemployment runs out>?

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    Default Re: Family Member on SSI in Calif Files for Pandemic Unemployment Receives Retro $950

    In order to receive SSI the person must meet the financial requirements in addition to disability or age requirements. The maximum federal monthly SSI benefits is $783 a month. The state supplement is not counted. Any unearned income that exceeds $803 a month ($783+ the first $20)makes this person ineligible for SSI for those months. They need to contact SSA about receiving unemployment. The maximum amount in resources is $2,000 if the person is single, $3,000 if they are married. Any month resources exceed $2,000 or $3,000 if married they will not be eligible for monthly SSI benefits. The unemployment will also make the person ineligible for the state supplement because,they will be ineligible for SSI. .. The unemployment may or may not make the person ineligible for Medi-Cal. They need to notify Medi-Cal and SNAP. If they receive housing or any other form of income based assistance. they need to notify the agencies involved. They need,to contact SSA, SNAP, etc ASAP. They will have to reimburse the agencies for benefit's.they received but were ineligible for.

    If they are not eligible for monthly SSI for more,than 12:months. They will have to file another application for SSI and go through the process again.

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