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    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Illinois

    Hello All, I am new to this forum. .

    Here is a quick summary of the situation.
    I am in child support litigation. This situation is a little bazaar in that I countered sued the mother.
    I had one child support order vacated. In the hearing the mother realized that she could loose, so she stopped showing up to court.
    She now no longer shows up to court, but the State is still trying to collect child support arrearages.
    I realized that the state is culpable as well so I sued the state.

    After suing the State, they decided to play dirty and levy my bank accounts.
    Now I am considering moving to federal court under 42 U.S. Code 1983.
    Mostly because they are collecting under a void order.

    Here is the bankruptcy question.....
    Bankruptcy is the best way for me to deal with levyed accounts.

    When I file a chapter 13, can I some how force the mother to appear as a creditor?
    If I can, can I counterclaim against her?

    The State waives sovereign Immunity as it regards to the debt.
    Also can I challenge the child support order? The order is definitely void, I know this for a fact.
    However, I need an impartial forum to have it heard. I know that you cant attempt to not pay child support.
    This is not what I am doing. What I am trying to do, is force all parties to submit to some type of forum where they submit to jurisdiction.
    right now, im the only person who is being forced to submit to jurisdiction.
    Once all parties submit to jurisdiction, I can comfortably pursue counter claims.

    How crazy is this question?

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    Duplicate post.
    Reported for deletion.

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