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    Angry Retrieving Personal Property

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: New York

    At start of Covid, we were all told to work from home with Company Laptops. However, after 2 weeks, they just terminated all of us stating that the Corporate office is closing our Rochester, NY office. We were told we could not get our personal belongings due to Covid restrictions. Now things are opening up and we still can't get our personal belongings. Some of still have our laptops as we did not mail them back as instructed because we wanted to return them to the office to have our boss sign off that we returned our computers and get our stuff at the same time. No one has questioned why we did not send the laptops back yet! Not a good sign, I don't think.

    I think they may have stopped paying rent on the office space and we have no idea what happened to all our personal property. They just keep saying they will contact us when we can go back into get our items. It doesn't make sense to me that they would pay for office space just to keep our personal belongings and their office furniture, etc. when they want to close it down that office.

    My question is there anyway we can push them to let us back in the office to see if our things are still there or demand they tell us what happened to our things? We really just want our things back, not a lawsuit. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you.

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    Default Re: Retrieving Personal Property

    What personal property?

    If it was anything of value, you had no business keeping at work anyway.

    Did it occur to you to go to the office location and scope out what's going on there? That's the first thing I would have done when I got the termination notice. Show up with mask and gloves and walk right in if the door is open. If it's locked up, find the building manager or see if the neighbors know anything.

    You can probably get the company owner's home address from the state's corporate/records and pay him a visit if it's all that important to you.

    It's quite possible that the owner's went broke, abandoned everything that they couldn't carry away quickly and aren't showing their faces so they can avoid bill collectors. The landlord likely disposed of the rest as trash.

    If you can't run them down to collect your property I think the laptop is a fair exchange if nobody ever asks for it.

    This may be one of those times where you let sleeping dogs lie, don't poke the bear, don't tug on Superman's cape, don't pull the mask of the Green Lantern, and don't mess around with Jim.

    I hope you immediately filed for unemployment compensation.

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